We need your support to:

Present an all-school convocation of music and educational history of America’s jazz roots

  • Spotlight legendary Indianapolis jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery
  • Highlight Indy’s jazz masters – Freddie Hubbard, JJ Johnson, Slide Hampton and more
  • Celebrate Indianapolis’ jazz legacy and significant influence on jazz music around the world
  • Uncover jazz music’s foundation in the music of today

Help IJF and Shortridge begin a student jazz band

  • Create excitement about jazz music
  • Work with the band director to recruit students
  • Bring professional musicians to teach and mentor students
  • Establish a culture of success

Thank you for helping IJF keep music in our schools!


IJF is working with Shortridge High School to present an all–school multimedia convocation that introduces the history of jazz through poetry and songs from the early 1910s through the modern jazz era.  The program will not only introduce these students to jazz music, but it will highlight the influence of famous local legends such as Wes Montgomery , Slide Hampton, Freddie Hubbard and JJ Johnson and the significant part Indianapolis has played and continues to play in shaping jazz music.

IJF is also working with the Shortridge band director to establish a new student jazz ensemble this school year.  The school convocation will not only build awareness of jazz music but it will also generate excitement about the new ensemble, recruiting students interested in playing jazz music.  IJF will bring local musicians, in a number of disciplines, to assist in the instruction of these future musicians.  IJF is committed to helping establish this program for Shortridge High School in the 2016-17 school year and to provide continued support as the program progresses each year.

Indianapolis Jazz Foundation and Indy Jazz Fest have worked to promote the city’s jazz history and jazz scene.  A portion of Indy Jazz Fest revenues fund the educational programs of the organization but the need to supplement school programs continues to grow.  Schools budgets are under pressure and funding of arts and music programs have continually been impacted by these constraints.

IJF is committed to increasing the opportunities for underserved students in IPS and Marion County township schools to be exposed to jazz music, to have the opportunity to learn to play music and to improve their musicianship through the tutelage and mentorship of professional jazz musicians. Through school convocations, IJF brings jazz music to students who otherwise may not have explored this uniquely American music art form. IJF believes students should have the opportunity to pursue their interests in creating and learning music through classes and programs in their schools as well as opportunities in the community.  IJF strives to offer various opportunities for students to be able to listen, study and perform this music with the help of the local jazz musician community.  Ultimately we would hope that many of these students are able to pursue a fruitful and fulfilling career in music and that they become the next generation of jazz greats to emerge from Indianapolis.